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Old Globe Theatre
San Diego

Book: Brian Hill and Aaron Thielen

Music & Lyrics: Michael Mahler

Musical Direction: 

Charlie Alterman

Directed & Choreographed by: Rachel Rockwell


With: Kyle Selig, Kerry O’Malley, Ron Bohmer, Joel Blum,

Sandra DeNise, Kevyn Morrow, Austyn Myers, Connor Russell, Patrick Rooney, Eliza Palasz,

Betsy Stewart


Rebecca Bellingham, Will Branner, Nicolette Burton, John Cardoza, James Royce Edwards, Steve Gouveia, Destan Owens, Angela Wildflower, Liam Quealy,

Lance Arthur Smith, Clay Stefanki,

Nick Sullivan, Scott Wakefield


San Diego Theatre Critics Circle:

Craig Noel Award

"Outstanding Resident Musical"

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